Thursday, 7 October 2010

F is for...

Frodo. What a little pisser. Now don't get me wrong, Lord of the Rings is great. Everything about the series is fantastic, it's just Frodo that gets on my nerves. It may just be Elijah Wood's portrayal of him that bugs the crap out of me. His face constantly looks as if he wants to cry. No matter what the little bastard does he will inevitably be in a state of peril longingly looking toward Gandalf or whoever to save the day, it really is unfortunate that such a useless twat should be in charge of such a great responsibility. If only someone with a pair of balls would have stumbled upon the ring first perhaps the whole episode could be over in one book. And what the fuck is up with their feet? Do they know nothing of personal grooming? It's enough to make one throw up in ones own mouth.

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