Friday, 24 September 2010

D is for...

Dr. DolittleFirst off, I am severely disappointed in Eddie Murphy. Considering this guy donned a purple leather suit and told some of the most offensively hilarious jokes in RAW, how can he bring himself to perform in such a tame and neutered film like Dr. Dolittle. The contrast between the two is so vast that it's almost violent. I for one must wear restraints lest I snap and go on another killing spree. Now onto the film, what a load of shit. The concept alone is infuriating enough that one must refrain from borrowing Phillip K. Dick's time machine and kicking Hugh Lofting repetitively in the crotch. A man who can talk to animals you say? Well back in my day this was what is known as being a nut job. Yet the directors managed to drag a further two films out of the franchise, making my quest for time travel more vigilant. And don't get me started on the Nutty Professor, insanity clearly being one of Murphy's recurring motives. I'm so disappointed in you man, you used to be cool. 

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